Add a directory service (LDAP) account




1. Launch Outlook, and click on the File tab
2. In the Account Information screen, click on Account Settings.
3. In the Account settings window, click on the Address Books tab. Then click on “New”.
4. Select Internet Directory Service (LDAP)

Then click Next

5. In the Sever Name field, type: ldap.

Then click on More settings…

6. Within Display Name, enter: LDAP

Set Port to 389

Then click on the Search tab.



7. Under Search Base, select Custom.

In this field, type: ou=persons,dc=co,dc=id (

Or ou=persons,dc=com (

Then click OK

8. Now you should be back on the screen called Directory Service (LDAP) Settings

Click Next

9. You should see the screen stating “You’re all set!”

Click Finish

10. Close and restart Outlook. When you relaunch Outlook, you should be able to search the LDAP directory!